Following on the heels of the Basso Profondissimo EP is a new album from Richard Ford, 'Basso Profondissimo 2' (aka BP2)

All 9 tracks were conceived and recorded on bass. Joined by an array of wonderful musicians, many of whom were involved in the original Basso Profondissimo recordings.


The bulk of the tracks are original compositions with 2 covers, ‘Obatala' - a re-arrangement of the piece by the Brazilian band 'Meto Meto’ and ‘Soon’ -originally by the Scottish band 'The Blue Nile', this version sung by the amazing Kessi Blue with a string arrangement by composer Mark Orton. 


Album release early summer '21 1st single "Soon" March 26th

Check out the lyric video for "Soon" feat Kessi Blue


A long-time fan of The Blue Nile and Paul Buchana's songs from the late 80s and early 90s, “Soon” showed up serendipitously on Richard's playlist a couple of years ago and he immediately started thinking about the possibility of covering it for his upcoming project. The single pays homage to the original track with raw, sweet, and ethereal vocals by Canadian songwriter and singer  Kessi Blue. 

When Kessi Blue expressed an interest in laying down the vocals, Richard dove into working on the backing tracks, arranging the piece specifically with her voice in mind. The two had met a few years ago when Kessi was working with a team of producers that shared studio space with him in LA. Blown away by her natural talent and versatility when she sang in the chorus on his cover of George Duke’s “Malibu” from his last album Basso Profondissimo, he hoped there would be an opportunity to work with her again. 

"The opportunity came when Kessi was back in L.A. for a brief visit in 2019, she was psyched to work with me on ‘Soon’. We recorded vocals at My Sonic Temple Studio in Santa Monica, and within a couple of takes, she’d laid the vocal part down to a fault, delivering above and beyond expectation. She nailed it!”

"I'm so proud of how the song turned out. Kessi is amazingly talented and has such a natural voice,  a pleasure to work with. Jake Reed laid down drums - he's amazing, versatile and and translated my ideas beautifully  - kind of an honor to work with him (you can hear more of his super juicy chops on the album version of "Soon" and most of the other tracks on the album). And working with Mark Orton on the string arrangement was such a great experience - he is so talented and wonderful to work with. I went up to Portland OR for the string session, subsequently additional string parts by Carla Kihlstedt and Megan Orton added enhancing the beauty Mark created. I love it!!! I really hope lots of people get to hear this!"

"Soon" and how it came about

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