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Richard Ford


Having worked in a multitude of musical genres, as a bass player, music editor and producer for film, Richard pulls elements from his vast musical influences. Along with his years as a musician and producer, Richard studied African and Afro-Caribbean music and dance in New York - those rhythms have become part of his DNA. 

Born in London, Richard grew up in a musical family, immersed in the classics for an early age. He began performing as a boy in Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s choir. HIs love of music eventually led to the bass, and he developed into an accomplished  bass player. He toured and recorded with many artists, including the revered guitarist Bill Nelson (in his band Red Noise) and on moving to the US, Joe Jackson.

Richard has since had a successful career as a film music editor, working on many successful movies including American History X, Training Day, Argo, Hidden Figures and has been an important part of Alexander Payne’s creative/music team since 1998, earning credit as Executive Music Producer on their last three projects together [The Descendants, Nebraska and Downsizing].


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