people say...

‘Richard coaxes moods and melodies from the bass guitar. This music is both new and reflective. Creating sonics not heard from the bass, transporting the listener in new and often cinematic ways. There is an an unusual familiarity to the sound palettes, textures, but not like anything I’ve heard before. Connecting novel and distinct sound worlds in a unique way.

Richard Ford’s “Basso Profundissimo” is a real treat for the listener.’ 

Rick Frystak, KPFK Los Angeles


‘…mightily impressive. Can’t stop listening to Dusty Theatre… I love the way the track teases and there’s something wonderfully dark and threatening about it too.’

Laurence Kaye, music supervisor,  former Director of Film & Media, Universal Music Publ. (Europe)


‘…amazing!!! … this beautiful and original work is something else to my ears entirely. I will listen again and again. Bravo!!!

Paul Rubell, Oscar nominated film editor


‘I just love the place you are on this record. It all feels like home to me. … love that the outcome is as beautiful as it is.’

Steve Kempster, music producer


‘awesome and inspiring’

Paul Broucek, President, music,  Warner Bros. Pictures


‘… wonderful album… gorgeous and inviting… fantastic collection of pieces, showcases a huge talent.’

Lyle Workman, Composer and guitarist [Sting, Beck, Todd Rundgren]

'Outstanding! Richard has great ideas. His Basso Profondissimo shows a keen feel for mood,

and sharp awareness of nuance.'

Beto Arcos, KPFK, Los Angeles

'This rendition of 'Malibu' took the groove for a long ride in a fresh new vehicle and there's room for everyone.'

Mister G, Greenarrow Radio / WSUM, Madison, WI

'There is an interesting blend of sounds running throughout Richard Fords' latest album. I like how he never rushes, always taking his time with a tune, clearly understanding when to elaborate or to keep simple.'

Jazz Jams CSRfm, UK and International

' is warm, inviting and persuasive evidence of a composer/player who has that ability to turn sound into something more visceral and visual.'

Graham Reid,

’…evocative EP, great (George Duke) cover.’

Garth Trinidad, KCRW, Los Angeles

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